IS Series End Suction Pump

IS series clean water pumps/horizontal pipeline pumps are single-stage end-suction centrifugal pumps. The horizontal pipeline pump is cleverly combined, developed and designed on the basis of the IS clean water pump. Its biggest change is that the impeller of the water pump is directly installed on the extended shaft of the motor, which shortens the length of the water pump and reduces the loss of the motor. , which improves the efficiency. This series of products has environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving, low noise, stable operation and reliable performance.

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Single-cylinder and multi-cylinder diesel engines can be selected according to actual use requirements

Type: IS
Warranty period: 2 years
Maximum power: 110 kw
Maximum flow: 460 m3/h
Drive mode: electric
Pump type: ordinary type, outdoor mobile type (two-wheel mobile type and four-wheel mobile type, rain cover can be added)


  • Farmland irrigation

    Farmland irrigation

  • Garden irrigation

    Garden irrigation

  • Greenhouse planting

    Greenhouse planting

  • Field water

    Field water

  • Fire water

    Fire water

  • Floor cleaning

    Floor cleaning

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IS Series End Suction Pump

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  • Close coupled centrifugal pump
    Close coupled centrifugal pump

    The impeller is mounted directly on the extended shaft of the motor

    The axial dimension is short and the structure is compact.short and the structure is compact.

  • Flexible coupled centrifugal pump
    Flexible coupled centrifugal pump

    It is mainly composed of pump body, pump cover, impeller, shaft, sealing ring, bushing and suspension bearing components.

  • Flange outlet
    Flange outlet

    Direct connection with standard flange joints can improve work efficiency.

  • Stable and reliable motor
    Stable and reliable motor

    100% copper wire motor

    Protection class: IP68

    Explosion-proof motors can be equipped under special working conditions

  • Thickened impellers
    Thickened impellers

    Seiko casting

    Case iron and stainless steel can be customized according to the requirements of use

  • Thick Bottom
    Thick Bottom

    High strength 4 thickned fixing holes, more firm and stable, high shock resistance rate


Precautions for use:

1. When starting the diesel engine water pump, pay attention to whether the steering of the pump shaft is correct.
2. Pay attention to whether there is any abnormal sound and vibration when turning.
3. Pay attention to the readings of the pressure gauge and vacuum gauge. After starting, when the readings of the pressure gauge and vacuum gauge fluctuate for a period of time and indicate stability, it means that the pump has been filled with liquid and enters the normal infusion operation.
4. When the pump enters the normal working process, special attention should be paid to the rise of the water temperature in the pump. If the process is too long and the water temperature in the pump is too high, stop the pump to check the reason.
5. If there is strong vibration and noise during the working process of the pump, it may be caused by cavitation of the pump. There are two reasons for cavitation: one is that the flow rate of the inlet pipe is too large, and the other is that the suction is too high. When the flow rate is too high, the outlet control valve can be adjusted to increase the reading of the pressure gauge. When the inlet pipeline is blocked, it should be removed in time; when the suction lift is too high, the installation height of the pump can be appropriately reduced.
6. Pay attention to check whether there is any leakage in the piping system.
7. Pay attention to observe the working data of the control cabinet and whether the diesel engine has oil leakage.

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