High Viscous Food Transfer Lobe Pump

· Low breakage rate

During the conveying process, the material maintains the original quality and does not destroy the particle structure.

· Long service life

It is an ideal product to replace screw pumps for conveying media with high viscosity, concentration and tasks containing particles. The LB lobe lobepump is a positive displacement pump, and the conveying flow can be controlled more easily and can also be easily made into a variable pump.

· Wide range of applications


· Easy maintenance

There is an anti-wear bushing in the pump body, and the pump casing material can be selected from high-performance cast iron, ductile iron or stainless steel, and the MIP design greatly prolongs the service life of the pump. The pump casing is lined with hardened steel, stainless steel, plastic or ceramic to protect the pump casing.

High Viscous Food Transfer Lobe Pump

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