Three Screw Pump For Oil Transfer

· Simple structure: the pump itself is only composed of three screws, but the structure is various.

· Long service life: Due to the extremely small mechanical friction of the pump, there is a layer of oil film protection between the master and slave screws, and between the screw and the shaft sleeve.

· The liquid to be transported moves axially in a straight line at a uniform speed in the pump, so the pressure pulsation is small, the flow rate is stable, and the noise is low. Due to the small inertia of the rotating part, the starting torque is small and the vibration is small.

· Strong suction capacibility.

· Screw pumps with medium flow rate and above are equipped with valves. When the pressure exceeds the valve setting pressure, the high pressure oil will flow back to the pump inlet.

Three Screw Pump For Oil Transfer

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